Quality Assurance

We have sand testing facilities as well as Pyrometer & CE Meter for online metal testing facilities to match your requirements or our costumer’s standards. We are interesting in supply of proofed machined as well as final machined castings with our outsource venders.

Our aim is to produce the best Quality Ductile Iron Castings as per customer specifications with the required chemical, micro-structural and mechanical properties in As-Cast condition and in Machined Condition.

We control the chemical properties of the molten metal through a metallurgical Spectrometer and a C.E. meter. The temperature of the metal is also checked at regular intervals using a Pyrometer. The metal is then optimized for Magnesium Treatment by addition of selected charge materials.

The observation of micro-structural properties is done by an inverted Olympus Microscope which ensures that the metal is free of any undesired structure.The nodularity is controlled according to the requirement via rapid nodularity check. Alloying elements which hinder the formations of Ferritic/Pearletic structure are virtually absent.

A testbar is casted with every charge to test the mechanical properties of the castings such as Hardness (BHN), Tensile Strength, Yield Strength and Elongation.

At AIRKING Industries the system sand is considered as the heart of the foundry. We have a sand plant.The sand parameters such as VM, LOI, AFS, Active Clay, Dead Clay, Total Clay, Permeability, Compressive Strength and Moisture Content among others are controlled at regular intervals in our Sand Testing Lab. The results are then controlled and implemented regularly to achieve the desired sand properties.