Incoming Raw Materials Testing

  • Pig iron – c,si, mn,s,p,cr,cu #
  • Coke - vm, ash, fc - tested using muffle furnace
  • Pitch powder – vm, ash, fc - tested using muffle furnace
  • Scrap – c, si, mn, s, p, cr, cu #
  • Bentonite powder – swelling capacity
  • # carbon and sulphur is tested using carbon sulphur apparatus
  • Si, mn is tested using chemical solutions

Manufacturing Process Testing

  • Moisture tester – to test the moisture of sand
  • Compression strength tester – to test green compression strength and green shear strength of sand
  • Pitch powder – vm, ash, fc - tested using muffle furnace
  • Sand rammer – to test the compatibility of sand
  • Vm, loi - tested using muffle furnace
  • Active clay of sand is measured using methylene blue test
  • Pyrometer- to test the temperature of molten metal.
  • CE meter - to test the c and si content of molten metal. And check microstructure
  • Vacuum emission spectrometer


  • Rockwell hardness tester – to test the hardness of casting
  • Vernier caliper – to test the dimensions of casting
  • MPI (crack detection)
  • UTM (tensile, elongatin, compression)
  • Microscope with image analyser
  • Elcometer to check zinc coating thickness
  • Adhesion test for no fill up in zinc
  • Digital thermometer to check density